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Best Insurance Plans

One of the questions that would automatically come into the mind of the prospective investor is why he or she goes for the LIC policies and plans should. There are several reasons for this and the most potent among them are as follows.

  • It is the largest and oldest insurance provider in the country.
  • It is now looking forward to strengthening its risk management.
  • The organization has seen a lot of improvements in its customer services in recent years and the red-tapism that is customary for government organizations are taking a back seat consistently.
  • Since it is a government organization and backed by government assurances, the investments are more or less secured.

Latest Trends and Facts

Some of the latest trends and facts about the Life Insurance Corporation of India that might interest the prospective investors are that the organization is now diverting its attention towards scrapping bulk trades on stock exchange market. They have virtually stopped participating in block and bulk deals that are available in the market. This trend is prevalent since the year 2010 when they drastically cut down their block deals from 17 worth 3,874 crore in the preceding year 2009 to only one