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Information of Insurance Career

  • Recession proof– Even in a “down economy”, the requirements for insurance do not go away making the industry somewhat recession proof even when other businesses are distressed.
  • Accommodates a wide range of skills– Are you detail oriented and love finding solutions for challenges? Maybe you are into Math, statistics, accounting or computers? You may find helping people, customer service or relationship building more your thing? Almost every professional skill set has a corresponding possible insurance career.
  • Many carriers provide training– Depending on the type of position you are interested in, you can take classes to get the knowledge you need or many carriers provide great training. Colleges offering “Insurance Degrees” are few and far between but having any BA degree basically means you have the persistence to accomplish a goal making you “trainable.”
  • Risk is always changing– The ever developing world is moving so fast that exposures that need protection are also constantly changing. You can never get bored if you make an effort to keep learning new skills and change with the times.
  • Corporate America vs. small business– If you want the security or prestige associated with working for a large corporation or want to develop your Entrepreneurial spirit as a small business owner, both options can be available to you in insurance.

  • Making the big bucks– As with just about any industry, certain positions are not as lucrative as others. The nice thing about insurance is that you can make a very good or even excellent living depending on your drive for success.