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Contents Insurance Claims

Flying sheep

With a dented car bonnet, the initial impression of the car was that it had been in an accident, maybe an argument with a tree. However the accompanying insurance form stated “flying sheep” as the cause of the damage. While driving over a bridge, a lorry heading for a local farm with a cargo full of sheep, had overturned on the road. In the ensuing panic, the frightened sheep had jumped over the railings and fallen onto the bonnet of a car driving beneath.

Verdict – Paid

The room of bears

While it’s generally considered environmentally friendly to recycle and reuse as much as possible, some people can take this dolphin friendly attitude to the extreme. Hoarders find it difficult to throw anything away, collecting a vast array of furniture and nick-knacks that make moving around the home rather problematic. The inconvenience of navigating from the lounge to the bathroom is somewhat compensated by being able to claim for a bedroom full of teddy bears estimated to be worth over £10,000 when unfortunate events fall upon your home.

Verdict – Paid

Back garden wedding

When a daughters wedding reception was planned in the back garden of their parents home, the “loss of use” clause was used in their insurance policy to pay for the wedding reception that had to be relocated to a hotel for the day.

Verdict – Paid

Tired at school

When a disposable BBQ caught fire on someone’s roof, the homeowner sought to claim back the work required to repair the roof. When informed that negligence (and the possibility of stupidity) caused the fire, the watertight argument of “I fell asleep during a physics lesson and didn’t know that hot things caught fire” was deployed.

Verdict – Fail

A bee broke my wall

Seeking to repair a dent in his kitchen wall, a man cited a bee as the culprit for the damage to his home. Apparently the bee, adopting a circular hovering pattern, made the man dizzy, causing him to fall over and plant his face through a wall.

Verdict – Fail

The i-Phone cow

Most of us lose our phones in taxis, on trains, or maybe even down the toilet. It’s rare that we will ever lose one in the rear end of a cow. A vet, in the dark of night, was using his i-phone light to assist in the delivery of a calf. In the throws and pandemonium of labour, the unimaginable happened and for the following days, Daisy could be seen wandering round the field with a muffled ringing coming from her hind.