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Bizarre Insurance Claims

Double trouble

Mr. Di Puma Delaware burnt down his own house and his convertible in order to claim from his homeowners and car insurance. He told his insurance company that the whole ordeal started when the pots on his gas stove caught fire while he was preparing his dinner. Next, buckets full of coals also caught alight. In an attempt to stop the fire, he threw some of the buckets out of the window and they landed…. you guessed it: inside his convertible. While in the process of tossing another bucket out, he somehow managed to trip over something and the bucket landed on his couch. Of course this story was a little bit too far fetched, even for the most gullible person.


Mr. Di Puma was convicted of attempted insurance fraud, got five years probation and… drum roll… the insurance didn’t pay him once cent.

Backside of the cow

A live stock farmer from the UK, Ivor Bennett, told his insurance company that he had lost his cell phone inside the rear end of one of his cows. It was a dark and stormy night and he had been trying to use the torch on his phone in an attempt to assist the cow when she was calving. Along with the calf, the phone did make reappearance but unfortunately it didn’t work anymore.


Mr. Bennet’s insurance company paid out the claim in full.

Injury by coconut

When an English insurance company started issuing policies to cover injuries caused by falling coconuts, people were laughing their heads off. The manager of the insurance company stated that over a hundred people fall victim to falling coconuts every year, resulting in serious injuries or even death. That same year, somewhere in Sri Lanka, an unsuspecting tourist dozing off under a palm tree was struck by a coconut, knocking her unconscious. She was rushed off to the hospital where, thankfully, she recovered within a few days.