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Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Advantages of Including Lanyards in the Promotional Product Display

Businesses and other organizations are always trying to think up new, effective strategies for marketing. Giving away promotional products, selling clothing with the brand name and logo on it, and using a broad range of advertising are all useful techniques. Lanyards as a marketing idea is another possibility. These neck straps can be purchased in the signature colors and printed with the organization’s name, or the name of a product or service. Everyone representing the organization who attends a trade show or other large event can wear the lanyard, with the badge featuring the individual’s name and other details clipped to the end.

Lanyards also can be provided to visitors to booths during many kinds of events. The company might set up shop at a regional festival, for instance. They could provide promotional and informational materials along with the lanyard, although it’s probably best not to actually clip the strap to those items. People may be more inclined to hang the strap around their neck and walk around with it if there’s no paper attached to it. As they stroll around the grounds, others they encounter notice the brightly colored accessory and take note of what it says.

The lanyard also can feature graphics and logos associated with the promotion or the organization. A nonprofit animal shelter might offer a variety of colors so visitors to their booth can choose something they particularly like. The logo or graphic design will probably show a dog, a cat and perhaps a hamster or guinea pig. For-profit businesses will want to feature illustrations that immediately connect the company name with the promotion.

Free souvenirs are very popular. Nearly everyone is familiar with pens, refrigerator magnets and envelope openers that display a company name, address, phone number and website URL. Lanyards are a relatively new addition to the promotional products scene, but they are increasingly prevalent in the items offered at booths and on conference tables. The neck straps are both fun and functional, and people can find many uses for them. As they continue to wear the item in the future, they also continue to promote the organization.